Cheshire, UK
Debs Davies, PCAC
Based in the UK, Debs is one of the growing number of women diagnosed with ADHD in later life. Being bright and highly driven with a love of learning, plus inadvertently finding a corporate career niche that played to her strengths, left her undiagnosed until the wheels fell off due to the combined impact of a young family and perimenopause. As a result, Debs is passionate about raising awareness of ADHD in women so that ours is the last generation of late diagnosed, misdiagnosed and undiagnosed women. Helping late diagnosed professionals develop sustainable strategies and effective self-advocacy at work is her specialist area, to which she brings 25+ years of senior level corporate experience, plus both menopause and ADHD expertise. She strongly believes that neurodiversity is an essential – but often missing – component of inclusive workplace wellbeing, and is committed to helping organisations create inclusive workplaces where professionals with ADHD can thrive. Debs also enjoys working with intense, justice sensitive deep thinkers who self-identify as twice exceptional, but don’t see themselves as gifted.

Coaching Focus

Adult, Women, Organization, Time Management, Executives/Entrepreneurs, Creative Types, Advocacy



Coaching Method

Video Conference