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Patty Blinderman, PCAC, PCC

Patty Blinderman, PCAC, PCC

Patty, a Professional Certified ADHD Coach, is passionate about working with adults and families impacted by ADHD. From entrepreneurs and business executives to parents and college students, everyone is part of and- to varying degrees- impacted by their families. Learning how the challenges of ADHD can get in the way of reaching an individual’s full potential is what led Patty to become an ADHD coach. In addition to running her thriving- and fun- coaching business, Patty is a mom with four kids, is on the faculty of the ADD Coach Academy, and, in her spare time, is learning to knit.
As the Member Chair for PAAC, Patty is equally passionate about supporting PAAC’s mission to “establish high standards of excellence in ADHD certification and accreditation programs.” Patty shares, “Coaches without ADHD specific coach training, as well as an intimate understanding of how ADHD shows up uniquely in each person, can unintentionally do more harm than good.” As a PAAC certified coach Patty is passionate about educating individuals looking for an ADHD coach about the benefits of hiring PAAC certified coaches. Patty can be reached at [email protected]

You changed my life as a parent of a child with ADHD. This has been a phenomenal experience for me. I have been transformed in so many ways. I realized (through the coaching) that I needed to do as much work as my son, if not more!

C.N., Parent, NC

I always leave our coaching sessions in a fired-up, can-do, mindset!

S.C., Entrepreneur, CT