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Neil Swanson, PCC, CACP

Neil Swanson, PCC, CACP

When Neil was diagnosed with ADHD at age 60, he finally had an explanation for his frustratingly inefficient functioning. As he discovered more about ADHD, he developed a new level of self-acceptance and began learning new, more productive and satisfying ways to respond to ADHD challenges. This learning was so transformative in his own experience that he chose to take extensive coach training to be able to help others accelerate their own transformations. As an ADHD coach since 2012, he has been thrilled to play a role in the unfolding of new visions and possibilities in the lives of many clients. He enjoys partnering with his clients as they discover how magnificent they really are – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Neil and his wife of 50 years, Linda, share an ADHD coaching practice, Free To Be Coaching, in Warrenton Virginia where Neil coaches primarily adults – mostly on the phone and on Skype. He can be reached at neil@freetobecoaching.com. His volunteer work includes serving on the Board of PAAC as the PAAC Ethics Chair. Neil and Linda have two fantastic children and four wonderful grandchildren.

Before becoming a client with Neil, I looked at my ADD as a weakness. Coaching has allowed me to see myself in a new light. This new light allows me to focus on my innate strengths and abilities, as I move forward with a stronger sense of self. The impact and understanding of my life that I have gained from working with Neil has been invaluable.

DL, Oregon