PAAC Credential Program
Successful participants in the PAAC Program earn a PAAC credential (CACP, PCAC or MCAC), when they demonstrate their ADHD coaching proficiency to at least 3 senior PAAC coaches who agree to be their sponsor.
The program requires two components to be completed: Knowledge Modules and Sessions.

Knowledge Modules

Once your application has been accepted, you will be notified that your account is now active. 

You will first complete 4 Knowledge Module practice quizzes, designed to cover different aspects of ADHD coaching before moving on to the ADHD Awareness Test.  You must get at least 80% of the questions correct to pass. 

Coaching Sessions

You must have at least 6 live or recorded client meetings reviewed by a certified PAAC Group Leader. These sessions will then be added to the PAAC Library. Three of those sessions must be with the same ADHD client and all heard by the same Group Leader in order to observe how your coaching serves client growth.  PAAC Group Leaders will review up to 9 sessions included with the purchase of this course. 

Additionally, you are required to listen to 10 sessions of other PAAC candidate coaches at work to understand more about PAAC’s standards and process.  These can be observed live or through the PAAC Sessions Library. 



In order to be awarded the PAAC credential, you need to acquire Sponsorships from 3 PAAC Group Leaders.  

If you have not acquired 3 sponsors by the time you have presented all 9 of your sessions and/or have not completed the program in the 6 months allowed, you can purchase an extension which will allow you to present 3 more sessions over the course of 3 more months. 

  • Once you have successfully completed the course, you will notice that your account will be changed to that of a PAAC Coach.  
  • A Professional Profile will be auto-created for you and will be added to our “Find a Coach Directory”.
  • This will enable you to plug in all the information you want perspective clients to know about you.  
  • Your Course Profile will still be active in case you would like to further your training to reach a higher level of certification or become a Group Leader.

As a PAAC Coach, you must renew your credentials each year and your membership is $100/yearly.  For more information on credential renewal click here.

PAAC Credential Program

$ 300
  • Knowledge Modules Course
  • Sessions Course
  • 9 Coaching Session Reviews
  • First Year Membership Charge ($100)
  • You have 6 months to complete this program.

Extended Time

$ 50
  • 1 Extra Month to Complete the Program

Extended Sessions

$ 50
  • 1 Extra Coaching Session Review
  • Extra Session Reviews are to be Purchased Individually

Our deepest wish is to not only assure the highest quality of coaching to our clients but also to create a committed community of ADHD Coaches.

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