Welcome to the new PAAC.


Welcome to our new Credentialing Process!

Our first group of 11 new PAAC Coaches have been credentialed through the program and we couldn’t be more pleased.

The PAAC credentialing process is now:

ADHD Friendly

Has less paperwork and more actual coaching with FEEDBACK!

Welcoming to all who seek to be credentialed whether they are coming from a school or their own practice. We are embracing all the paths taken to become an ADHD Coach.

Our site is currently under renovation as we finalize whatever tweaking is necessary from what we learned with our first group. We will be starting the next round of credentialing in the New Year. Please feel free to write us at info@paaccoaches.org if your’re interested in joining us in January. You’re also welcome to write us to ask any questions or if you’d like to volunteer with our happy and expanding organization.

Remember that PAAC is the ONLY credentialing body for ADHD Coaches in the world and we would love to have you join us!