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Credentialing Requirements


You will be ready to receive a PAAC credential (CACP, PCAC or MCAC), when you demonstrate your ADHD coaching proficiency to at least 3 senior PAAC coaches who agree to be your sponsor.

In order to do this, you must complete all three of these items.


  1. ADHD Awareness Review which is comprised of two parts:

A. Part 1 leads you through approximately 100 multiple-choice questions about ADHD and ADHD Coaching. If you choose an incorrect answer, you are given an opportunity to select again. Once you have chosen the correct answer, you proceed to the next question

B. Part 2 is a quiz of 50 multiple choice questions drawn from the questions in Part 1. You must achieve a mark of 80% to pass.


  1. Coaching Sessions

A. You must have at least 6 coaching sessions reviewed by senior PAAC coaches (PCACs or MCACs). Three (3) of those sessions must be with the same ADHD client and all heard by the same senior coach.* The purpose of this is to observe how your coaching serves the client’s growth and progress. That client cannot be a fellow coach. In each session the coach candidate and the potential sponsor will collaboratively review the session to 1) appreciate how the coach successfully demonstrated each PAAC essential, 2) decide the coaching maturity of the session, and 3) determine one, or several, opportunities for growth.

B. You may request to have 3 senior coaches convene a panel who will listen to at least two of your sessions. This is an opportunity for you to find multiple sponsors at one time. It is suggested you make this request after your first 6 coaching sessions have been heard and if you are in need of further sponsors.


* With your enrollment in the program you will receive a virtual nine-hole punch card.  Each punch can be used for one PAAC review session. A review panel requires the use of 3 punches. Additional punch cards can be purchased if needed.


C. In the PAAC sponsored review sessions, you may present recordings of your coaching or bring a client for live coaching. You must provide the client. You may sign up for a maximum of 2 live PAAC sponsored sessions per month if space permits. You may also hire a PAAC credentialed PCAC or MCAC mentor coach who could serve as a sponsor if the two of you have listened to the required sessions and performed collaborative reviews.


  1. Observations

You must observe 10 coaching sessions and complete a review form. Those sessions are available for you to listen to in the PAAC library. The purpose is for you to understand more about PAAC’s standards and process so that you too may become a senior coach and participate in the credentialing process. 

The cost is $300 US and you have 6 months to complete the process from the date of your acceptance. Upon successful completion, this fee also includes one year as a member of PAAC (a $100 value)


Our deepest wish is to not only assure the highest quality of coaching to our clients but also to create a committed community of ADHD Coaches.


We welcome you to PAAC!

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