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Co-Credentialing Chair
Roger DeWitt, MCAC
Roger DeWitt is the Founder and Head Coach of Coaching NYC. ‍ With over 20 Years’s of coaching experience, Roger has coached hundreds of clients for thousands of hours – to manage their ADHD, help them identify what they really, really want, overcome the obstacles to getting there, and finally reach their potential. What excites me about coaching “There are few things more exciting than being able to support amazing people to reach their highest potential. Seeing people have breakthroughs is a thrill and makes what we do incredibly fulfilling. When we coach, we use a mix of art and science. For the science, our coaching company philosophy and method is firmly embedded in well-being science, positive psychology, an understanding of the attention and motivational systems of the brain, and the empirical research of human potential and achievement.” Coaching is individualized “On the art side… well, it is about the dynamic interaction between the coach and the client. This is NOT a cookie cutter experience. No two clients are alike and therefore the coaching experience is different as well. That is what makes coaching powerful. The unique art of the application of the science and methodolgy. It is why “self-help books” are only “sort of” effective. A book has to speak in generalites to everyone. In coaching, your coach is focused on you, your unique needs and desirees, and supports you in moving in that direction!” Roger is known for his wisdom, insight and sense of humor. “When we coach together, we laugh, we work, and we move toward your goals and highest potential!” Latest evidence-based approaches Being an assistant instructor on the world-leading Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, Roger seamlessly integrates insights from evidence-based positive psychology and human potential science to deliver transformative coaching.

Coaching Focus

Adult, Family, Relationships, Time Management, Executives/Entrepreneurs, Creative Types



Coaching Method

Video Conference, Phone, In-Person

Client Testimonial

“Roger is an amazing coach “I don’t know how he does it, but each session I have with him is transformational. He helps me gain insights into myself and how to maximize my potential in ways I would not have arrived at on my own. I’m involved in several Adult ADD support groups and always come away from those meetings thanking God for Roger and the support he has given me in the past year. He is a treasure. “ “
– Moira M.