Quebec, Canada
Technology Chair
Tori Throckmorton, MBA, PCAC, ACCG, PCC
I am a compassionate and creative partner to support you in figuring out what truly drives you and how to make it a reality. Learn your own unique way of doing and being successful, instead of the “shoulds”, “the right way”, or “the normal definition of success”. I was an overachiever with generalized anxiety disorder until I hit burnout in my late thirties and couldn’t function. My entire life suddenly made sense when I was diagnosed with ADHD at 37. The ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) helped me to relearn how to use my unique brain without guilt, anxiety, or stress and taught me the tools and skills to recover and transform my life. I have over 15 years of leadership experience, both military and corporate, as well as a lifetime of living with ADHD. My mission is to create a safe space for you to relearn how to use your brain and explore YOUR way of making a unique impact. Please visit my website,, for pricing, and payment options, and to book a free Meet & Greet. A one-hour Meet & Greet will give us a chance to get to know each other and to do a short coaching demo if you’re interested! No obligations, ever!

Coaching Focus

Adult, Women, Organization, Time Management, Executives/Entrepreneurs, Creative Types



Coaching Method

Video Conference

Client Testimonial

“I signed up for coaching with Tori when I found myself getting stuck in a loop, facing similar career & life challenges that I had been for the last six years. I had no prior experience with coaching before this. For me, three things have stood out the most about Tori as a coach. First is her ability to bring the underlying problem to the surface and reframe it. Her questions nudged me to self-reflect in directions I hadn’t gone before and come out with profound insights in every single session. Other times, a seemingly unsolvable problem got instantly resolved when she reframed it. Second is the action/goal-oriented process she uses to conduct the sessions. I walked away from every session with a sense of achievement and eagerness to turn the newfound insights into concrete actions. Third, her comprehensive understanding of ADHD, how it impacts interactions & work style. After learning more, I was blown away by the things that I could explain about myself. It helped me tremendously in managing my focus & energy better. The most important takeaway that I have got was the belief – that I am capable enough to fix my problems, I just needed the right tools.I wholeheartedly recommend her as a life & ADHD coach.”
– Dhruv Balhara, MBA