Pacific Northwest, USA
Keith Griffin, PCAC
Working with clients 16 and older, Coach Keith is a dual-credentialed ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach and a graduate of both The ADD Coach Academy and JST Coaching programs. He specializes in helping teens and adults get their lives “on track” whether it be coaching them on productivity, interpersonal relationships, financial issues, and/or school/career transitions. He is also LGBTQIA+ allied. Keith is the go-to Coach for those interested in, pursuing or working in a STEM or IT career. In addition to Coaching those diagnosed with ADHD, he also offers Coaching and consulting services for their loved ones. In his spare time, Keith serves the ADHD community through his position as Treasurer on the Board of PAAC.

Coaching Focus

Adult, Children/Teens, Relationships, Organization, Time Management, Executives/Entrepreneurs, Advocacy



Coaching Method

Video Conference, Phone

Client Testimonial

“I do believe the world begins to shift with meaningful human connection, so thanks for being a part of the crew that creates the web. Also, I’ll be sure to give you a shout-out in my future interviews, being like, ok but this dude though, he’s crushing, and I value the influence.”
– Andy