Review Modules
* 4 KNowledge review Modules quizzes
* ADHD Awareness Test 

Review Modules

There are four topics located at the bottom of this screen.  They are practice questions to help you learn what is required of you as a PAAC coaches.

This practice session will be marked as complete when you complete the module but not graded.

There are citations available on some of the modules under “Materials” with information to provide you with answers and provide additional explanation.  After each question, you will immediately be corrected if wrong.


When all four practice modules are competed, you will move on to complete the test.  The test consists of 50 randomly selected questions from the practice modules.

You will not have any materials or outside resources to assist you when completing this test.  You must get at least 80% of the questions correct in order to pass.  You may retake the test if you fail to do so.  

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