Coaching Sessions


1 – Recording and Presenting Sessions of Your Own Work with Clients to a senior paac group Leader

2 – viewing to additional paac sessions of other coaches at work and their group leader feedback

Recording Your Sessions

Once your client has filled out our waiver, you will pre-record a session with them so you can play the recording during your Session with one of our Session Leaders. 

Alternatively, you can have your client join the Session live.

Presenting Your Sessions

Once a recording has been made, you will book time with a PAAC Session Leader for a video conference to play your recording and discuss the various methods and techniques employed, and to set goals for the next recording.  The Session Leader will complete an assessment form at the end of each session. 

Continuity matters. At least 3 sessions must be done with the same Session Leader and client.

You can request a session by direct messaging a PAAC Session Leader from your dashboard.  Read more about your calendar and setting it up here.

All recorded audio session require waivers from yourself and your client and will remain available in the PAAC member library to be studied by other PAAC candidate coaches to fulfill their 10 Session observation criteria.


Session Observations

You are required to listen to 10 sessions of other PAAC candidate coaches at work. You may do this by joining a live Zoom session, by finding upcoming sessions on your calendar, or by selecting a session from the PAAC member library archive.  (and submit reviews?)


In order to be awarded the PAAC credential you need to acquire Sponsorship from 3 PAAC Session Leaders who will add a sponsorship badge to your dashboard.  Read about what Sponsor’s look for here.

If you have not acquired 3 sponsors by the time you have presented your first 6 sessions, you can purchase an extension which will allow you to request a panel of 2 or more PAAC Session Leaders to review your next session, giving you the opportunity to earn more than one sponsorship in the session.

Please note, after you have successfully completed the program, PAAC credentials need to be renewed on a yearly basis.  For more information on these requirements click here

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