Coco Stanback, CACP
I am a speaker, parent educator, bilingual ADHD Coach, and the founder of Heart 4 Kids Coaching, LLC. Most importantly, I am a mother to sons with ADHD and therefore passionate about making the road a little easier for other parents and kids with ADHD. I am a certified ADHD Coach, a Certified CPS Provider, a certified Purejoy Parent Coach, and a Professional member of CHADD. My unique approach helps families reduce conflict, increase cooperation and connection, improve the parent-child bond and create a more peaceful home.

Coaching Focus

Women, Children/Teens, Family, Relationships


English, Spanish

Coaching Method

Video Conference, Phone

Client Testimonial

“Before working with Coco Stanback, I was in constant anguish over my son’s behavior.  I felt frustrated and very guilty about not knowing how to handle our situation adequately.  It has been so refreshing to work with Coco because she understands what I go through day to day.  She also has all the knowledge, understanding, and expertise to help parents like me.  Now my relationship with my son is so much better and our entire family dynamic has improved.  I wish all moms with children who have ADHD could experience the help I have received. 
– Sofia