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Asks Evocative, Insightful Questions

September 5, 2013
by Paul O’Connor, MCC As coaches, asking questions is one of the basic things we do. That’s how we elicit information from our clients so we know how to…

Passionate, Engaged Presence, a Requirement for Masterful ADHD Coaching

June 14, 2013
by Linda Walker, PCC, ACCG Coaching presence is a must-have for all successful coaching relationships. As ADHD coaches, not only must we ensure we are fully present and engaged,…

Creating a Respectful, Collaborative Partnership, a Required Skill for ADHD Coaches

May 15, 2013
by Barbara Luther, MCAC, MCC In March, we looked at the second PAAC ADHD coaching competency, Creates a Respectful, Collaborative Partnership in the Partnership section of the competencies. While every…

Co-Creating a Clearly Articulated Coaching Agreement

March 4, 2013
PAAC kicked off our series on the ADHD coaching competencies with Master Certified ADHD Coach and PAAC president Barbara Luther discussing the third competency in the section titled Partnership…

PAAC is now offering monthly ADHD Coaching Competency Training Sessions!

March 2, 2013
We are so pleased to announce that, in keeping with our mission to establish high standards of excellence in ADHD coaching, we will be offering monthly ADHD coaching competency…

ADHD Coaches Are Certifiable!

August 25, 2012
ADHD Coaches Are Certifiable! We are very excited to announce that PAAC is now accepting applications for ADHD Coach Certification in any one of its three new certification levels!…

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