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New Diagnostic Coding System May Impact Your Clients

October 8, 2015
Beginning October 1, 2015, all health care providers in the U. S. must convert to using a new diagnostic code set called ICD-10-M.  This includes psychologists, psychiatrists, and other…

Demonstrates Listening through an ADHD Lens

June 19, 2014
by Paul O’Connor, MCC Being able to identify traits that may be ADHD-related is central to our role as an ADHD coach. Whether it’s inattention, distraction, disorganization, hyperactivity, restlessness, fidgeting,…

How Do ADHD Coaches Collaborate Differently with Their Clients?

March 20, 2014
by Barbara Luther, MCC We begin to create a respectful, collaborative partnership from the very first interaction with a new client prospect, and that dynamic partnership continues to evolve…

Competent ADHD Coach Explores Choices and Invites Action

November 25, 2013
by Linda Walker The PAAC ADHD Coaching Competency, “Explores choices and invites action,” makes some important distinctions from the ICF competency Designing actions. As ADHD Coaches, we help our…

ACO Extending Deadline for Speaker Proposals – 2014 Conference

September 30, 2013
If you are interested in presenting at the ADHD Coaches Organization’s 2014 conference in Phoenix (May 2-4), there’s still time to submit a proposal. Organizers of the ACO conference…

Establishes Ethical Standards and Conduct

September 18, 2013
Alan R Graham, PhD, PCC, MCAC The PAAC Standards of Ethical conduct was developed as a set of guidelines for PAAC Certified Coaches to use in their practice of…

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