Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
April Boyce – PCAC
April Boyce – PCAC, ACG, OCT Mehrit Centre, Self-Regulation Facilitator, ADD Coach Academy Advanced Coach, Bachelor’s Education – York University, B.A. (Hons) Trent University. April has been a full-time ADHD Life Coach since 2017. Trained as an advanced ADHD life coach as well as completing her formal training as a Family Coach through the ADD Coach academy, in 2022 she also completed the rigorous Self-Regulation Facilitator program, studying under Dr. Stuart Shanker, and Dr. Susan Hopkins of the distinguished Mehrit Centre April also obtained her certification as an Adult Educator from the Canadian College of Educators in 2016, as well as being a certified Intermediate/Senior teacher in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers since 2003.

Coaching Focus

Adult, Women, Family, Relationships, Learning Challenges, Organization, Time Management, Executives/Entrepreneurs, Students, Creative Types



Coaching Method

Video Conference

Client Testimonial

“Working with April is a profound experience. April is a remarkable woman, brimming with humble talent, intelligence, humour and knowing. She brings decades of relevant work with her students and adults across a breadth of experiences which make her contributions consistently more insightful to my personal situation than any other provider on my journey. April puts things in perspective and provides guidance so I can form my own definitive plan. She sees clearly, asks questions and Illuminates connections that I see but don’t recognize. April knows my family (and key staff) which gives context to my coaching sessions; she doesn’t have to make assumptions about my family members as she develops her own perspective and knowledge from first-hand sessions with a variety of my support network. With my situation, I feel like April saw “it” 3-6 months into our coaching relationship, yet she waited patiently – with infinite positive regard – as I came to realize 1.5 years into this process, what I believe she saw early on. I’m effectively gathering emotional puzzle pieces and decoding behavioural bread crumbs. From various sources in my life, I am connecting dots observed of me by professionals previously, but April is the pen that inks the line. April has helped me see the shape of myself. “
– Amy