Effective immediately, the PAAC board has announced an adjustment to the mentor coaching hours required to apply for PAAC certification.  We strongly believe in the value of ongoing mentor coaching for developing and maintaining a high level of competency, however, we do not want to put a primarily financial hurdle in front of certification applicants.  Therefore, PAAC has reduced the number of required mentoring hours as follows:


CACP requirement is reduced from 20 to 10 ADHD mentoring hours.


PCAC requirement is reduced from 40 to 20 ADHD mentoring hours.


For the MCAC, there will be no additional mentoring hours required.  However, if an applicant does not pass certification testing, then the applicant would be required to get 10 additional ADHD mentoring hours before re-applying.  Also note, the mentoring hours requirement for recertification at the CACP level has not been changed.


Information on the PAAC site about this change in certification requirements may not get updated for a short while (we are working on making the information clearer and simplifying the application), but we wanted to get the word out, hoping that it will allow some coaches to get their applications in sooner.  


If you have questions about this change in requirements, please feel free to email Barbara@coach2soar.com or Elizabeth@peopledynamicsinc.com.  Or you can call Barbara at 816-257-9931 (Central).