August 25, 2012
ADHD Coaches Are Certifiable!

We are very excited to announce that PAAC is now accepting applications for ADHD Coach Certification in any one of its three new certification levels!
Since it’s inception, PAAC has worked closely with the International Coaches Federation (ICF) to create an ICF-aligned ADHD Coaches Certification that meets the very highest standard for excellence in coaching. The ICF is the Gold Standard in the accreditation of coach training and certification of coaches. Your PAAC Board has worked diligently with ICF to establish our ADHD coaches competencies and ethics that also rise to this high level of excellence. It has been a long road but PAAC is thrilled to announce we’ve reached a turning point, not just within our organization, but also in the entire ADHD Coaching industry. PAAC is taking excellence in the field of ADHD coaching to a higher level.

Three Levels of Certification

PAAC is now accepting applications for coach credentialing for the three newly established levels of certification:

Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP)
Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCAC)
Master Certified ADHD Coach (MCAC)
Learn more about the criteria for meeting all three levels of ADHD coach certification on the certfication page, where you will also find a link to download the application and intructions. We look forward to accepting your application for certification.

Benefits of Being a PAAC Coach

Recognition, by experts in the field of ADHD Coaching, as achieving the highest standards of performance as an ADHD coach.
Clients know that you are trained specifically in ADHD Coaching.
Instant credibility with clients and other professionals in the ADHD field.
Increased confidence and trust in your ADHD coaching abilities.
Encourages continued development to achieve the next certification level.
A network of trained and qualified ADHD professionals to collaborate with.
Establishes you and your coaching practice as a leader in the growing field of ADHD Coaching.
These benefits are just the beginning. As the organization grows we are committed to adding additional benefits for PAAC Certified Coaches that will help you and your ADHD coaching practice thrive.

PAAC: Excellence in the Field of ADHD Coaching

The Professional Association for ADHD Coaching (PAAC) is dedicated to advancing the ADHD coaching profession by setting standards of excellence for professional ADHD coaches that are supported by rigorous independent testing and certification. PAAC is first and foremost an “ADHD coaching driven” organization.

PAAC is aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and Board membership requires that coaches are ICF-certified and exemplify excellence in the field of ADHD coaching

Your PAAC Board of Directors has been working diligently to establish the highest standards of excellence in ADHD Coach Certification and Accreditation programs. To ensure the very highest standards, we requested and were granted access to an ICF Board Member and ICF Advisory Board Members to work with us as we formed and shaped our competencies and ethics, to align with the ICF.

It is no surprise that we, your Board Members here at PAAC, are thrilled to announce this breakthrough in ADHD Coach Certification. And, this is only the beginning! As PAAC continues to grow, we are confident that PAAC certifications will be recognized as the gold standard in ADHD coaching certification, and it will be in demand by the ADHD community. Be a leader in the field of ADHD Coaching by submitting your PAAC application for certification now! You’ll find the application and more right here.